Impact investing across the textile value chain

An investment platform to address the environmental and social impact of the global textiles industry

Each letter of our name represents a core principle which underpins our investment philosophy.

Textile production is one of the most environmentally detrimental industries globally. Cotton is a major raw material; while natural and renewable, due to the large quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, and water needed for its cultivation, it is an extremely resource-intensive crop. The process of converting raw cotton into yarns, fabrics and garments is water-depleting, while dyestuffs and chemicals pollute water resources and are a major contributor to CO2 emissions. Polyester and other synthetic inputs also result in additional chemical pollution. 

PRESSTAR will invest to reduce water consumption and chemical pollutants in the textile supply chain while positively impacting CO2 emissions. PRESSTAR investment framework ensures that fair wages and health and safety practices are in place wherever it invests.